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Web Developer, James Radford

My name is James Radford and I have been developing top flight websites for over 15 years using a range of client and server side technologies. After successfully completing my Honours degree in Computer Science (Graduated Cambridge 2003) I have worked for several companies since then. For more information regarding the companies I have worked for please visit my web developer portfolio by clicking here.

I enjoy web development more than any other area within I.T because it can be great fun and very diverse, whether you're making some real slick code in a code-behind file or making objects move using JQuery. I particularly enjoy getting involved in all stages of the System Life Cycle. I enjoy designing the database structure, followed by implementing designed templates, leading onto business logic, data layers and the markup.

What Is The Purpose Of JamesRadford.net?

jamesradford.net was developed during the later half of 2008 to ease the number of calls from people and corporations looking for web solutions from around the world. This website, acts as a first point of contact for those looking for help/ online solutions, together with a bit about me and my history for those that are interested. This website also provides a few coding examples for those looking for help, or for recruiters looking for examples of my work.

Current Location

I am currently based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (about 60 miles north of London). I also have residence in Central London.

Contact James Radford

If you're looking for a web solution please use the contact form, available here.

Away From Computers

The following photos show my recent Enduro Tour during 2009. Every year friends and myself take part in some sort of bike activity to have some proper fun, away from computers. If not on bikes, we'll be skiing or otherwise enjoying the fresh air...

Besides motorsport, I enjoy travel, photography, sport, skiing and playing the guitar.

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