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Web Developer Portfolio : James Radford

My portfolio extends back to 2003 (over 15 years professional experience) working for a vast range of clients from all corners of the industry, including financial, charitable, not-for-profit, digital media, content management to telecommunication companies.

Browse my portfolio using the information below. The companies listed on this page only represent a small snippet of the complete list, all clients are listed chronologically. References are available as and when necessary.

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James Radford

Technical Experience Summary (over 15 years)

Over 15 years technical experience with the following technologies

easyJet.com, 2010 - 2012

Enterprise architecture using a broad set of technologies working within a small team within the I.T department.

Key skills : ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5+.

Profero.com, 2009

This placement was during the second half of 2009. The duration of the project was around 5 months working on two key projects, namely SmallSteps4Life (including a Facebook application) and the Rugby Dream Day sites. Both projects used the SCRUM methodology with 4, 2 week Sprints including daily stand-ups with the scrum master the client representative present during the 10 minute stand-up. The website itself was architectured by myself with full documentation and database design. The back-end uses the Smarty Template Engine together with MySQL as the database engine. SmallSteps4Life is fully object-oriented with PEAR Cache_Lite enabled.

Rugby Dream Day website was designed using the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework (version 3.5) together with the Microsoft SQL database. The game also include a Flash component that communicates with the data layer that I was responsible for. The data layer itself it provided by SubSonic. The flash segment itself was out sourced.

Key skills (Small4Life): PHP 5, MySQL, Smarty Templates, Caching_Lite and Object Oriented.
Key skills (RugbyDreamDay): ASP.NET (C#), MS SQL, SubSonic and Object Oriented.

Toptable.com, 2009

This placement was achieved thanks to a recommendation through a friend. Toptable.com provides an online booking service for venues around Europe. The main responsibilities within this contract required ASP.NET development using C# and version 3.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Key skills: .NET Framework (ASP.NET/ C#), including translation code, Microsoft SQL and html.

Opportunity Links, 2009

Evince is a web-based information management tool and reporting system which allows local governments to store and retrieve data for Family Information Services (FIS), such as child minders, pre-schools, and other child-care professionals/providers. It can also be used in a help-line to record and assist callers requesting information about care-schemes for children.

Daily responsibilities included general bug fixing and performance improvements to the Evince web application. The Evince application uses version 3.5 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. All code is written using C#. Key changes included migrating the data layer from SubSonic to a Linq to Entities platform. Other notable changes included modifying the client side technology to improve overall performance. This was achieved by modifying the tabbed environment to a load once, save once environment. During this contract front-end changes were also necessary, particularly DHTML (use of JQuery). The application also uses CodeSmith, Microsoft SQL Server, Xml and Linq to SQL.

I was also responsible for a console application coined the 'ISPP uploader'. This project, utilising
an Atom feed establishes what Xml files to upload by identifying the details within the feed to be
modified or new. For the relevant files the Xml content is uploaded to a Restful Web Service.

Key skills: ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL, DHTML, Unit Testing and XSL.

Crayon London (BT), 2008

Crayon London is a digital media company based in central London. I have worked for Crayon London previously on similar projects involving BT.com. During this placement in 2008 my responsibilities included the development of several BT broadband pages, allowing existing BT customers to search for what BT broadband options are available to them.

All development uses C# together with a Microsoft SQL Server backend. The application also uses a SOAP web service to validate the user information and to return appropriate options based on the user data. The front end uses DHTML and JQuery.

Key skills: ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL, DHTML, JQuery and SOAP Web Services.

City Index, 2008

Using version 2 .NET Framework to develop and maintain existing sites for City Index. City Index provides an online trading platform for spread and CFD betting. During this placement work was also required on sister and client sites of City Index, including Barclays Stockbrokers, Barclays Advisory, Finspreads and Eurospreads.

Majority of work involved writing ASP.NET (C#) together with a Microsoft SQL Server backend. All communication within the data tier was via SubSonic. Front end development was required, particularly HTML, CSS and content managed code. Immediacy was used as the content management system during this placement.

Key skills: ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL, SubSonic, HTML and CSS.

Cambridge Photos, 2008

Cambridge Photos is an archive of photos of the City of Cambridge. Cambridge Photos provides a vast selection of photos featuring well to lesser known streets of Cambridge, Universities of Cambridge, popular festival and tourist attractions, including punting photos, the Strawberry Fair and many more.

Cambridge Photos uses PHP together with a MySQL backend. For performance considerations the data layer written using PHP is published into POX files to aid page loads during periods of high traffic.

Key skills: HTML, CSS, JQuery, XML, PHP, Custom built CMS and MySQL.

Avenue A Razorfish (Financial Times), 2007

Working for Avenue A Razorfish, the entire duration of this placement was on site at the Financial Times premises in central London. Involved in the redesign of ft.com. The new design aims to improve usability and readability.

The Financial Times, politically centrist features business and financial product news.

Involved in the entire life cycle, beginning with wireframes for proof of concept, leading onto functional templates to fully integrated working templates.

Extensive user testing over a period of several weeks to check functional and public opinion on new designs. The main responsibilities included HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Key skills: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wireframes and Templates.

Dial-a-phone, 2007

Dial-a-phone is a mobile phone website, providing handsets, reviews and tariff deals for the majority of leading mobiles available on the market.

During this placement all development used version 2.0 of the .NET Framework together with ASP.NET. Legency code was originally written in VB.NET although all new, additional functionality was written using C#. Responsible for converting existing Visual Basic .NET code to C#.

The data tier utilized Microsoft SQL Server using ADO.NET together with an Xml repository. During this contract the data tier migrated from ADO.NET to an Xml platform, using XSL and transformations to provide Html content for the website.

Key skills: ASP.NET (VB.NET/ C#), Microsoft SQL, SubSonic, HTML, XML and XSLT.

Brand Perfumes, 2007

Brandperfumes is a large E-Commerce website providing a vast range of perfumes for men and women. This project was a freelance agreement including a CMS backend to manage and maintain the content and stock levels.

All content, stock, details, general content pages are configurable using the custom built CMS.

Key skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Custom built CMS, XML and MySQL.